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searching files in FTP search

Suppose if you want to search a specified file like or dvid.dll means we use google to find the location and download but it takes more time to search. Instead we can use the Ftp search by typing the file name with keyword we can search the exact files from internet.

Water marker :

This program is primarily meant for people who need to protect video or graphics files from illegal copying by putting a watermark (text or graphic i information) over an image. Simple text, image file, animated GIF or video file can be used as watermark here. Besides, Watermark Master provides ability to apply a great number of various effects to a watermark, including dynamic effects. A dynamic effect implies variation of the watermark in time, for example, smooth appearance or disappearance of the watermark, movement of the watermark, etc.

With Watermark Master it is possible to put subtitles onto a video film. As the source one can use DVD subtitles or SRT files. Besides, the program will be useful for users who need to remove a static object (for example, a channel logo or codec artefact) from a video or graphics file.

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