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Oru Devadai Veesidum - Veppam Lyrics

Movie name : Veppam
Cast : Karthik Kumar, Nani, Nithya Menon
Music : Joshua Sridhar
Directed : Anjana
Produced : Gautham Menon

Oru devadhai veesidum paarvaiyilae
vizhuvadhu oru sugam
avaL dhooraththil varuvadhai paarkkaiyilae
kalaivadhum oru sugam
ennodu pudhu maattram thandhaaL
engengum uru maattram thandhaaL
en vaazhvil oru aettram thandhaaL
avaL enakku endru indha maNNiL vandhu pirandhavalo
kan thoongum bodhum kaaval thandhaaL
avaL kadavuL thandha parisaaga kaiyyil kidaiththaaL

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