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12 SEO steps for Blogspot

1)When building back links use your primary keyword as the anchor text. <a href="">Anchor Text</a> - > Just to explain what an Anchor Text is.

2) Don't put too much posts on homepage - When you put too much content on homepage, it leads to duplicate content. Means many pages on your blog will have similar content. Your latest post page and your homepage has got the same content rite?

Unnale Unnale - Osthi Lyrics

Ae Unnale Unnale..
Suthudhadi boomi pandhu thannaale
Ae kannaala kannaala
ottuthadi vanavillu emmaela

Devadhaya kanavil aenginen appo
Unvaliyil theerudhe aekkamum ippo
Poomalaye maname maname appo
Unninaivu kuralaa serudhe ippo (Unnale Unnale..)

Neduvali Neduvaali Song Lyrics- Osthi Lyrics

neduvaali.. adiye neduvaali..

udumba udumba
amadi nenja neeyum kavvi poriye

neduvaali.. adiye neduvaali..

arumba arumba
ayyo enna neeyum killi poriye

Vaadi Vaadi En Cute pondatti - Osthi lyrics

hey vaadi vaadi vaadi vaadi en cute pondatti,
na thaanga maaten thoonga maatten nee Illaati
adi vaadi vaadi vaadi vaadi hot pondatti,                                                       
na thaanga maaten thoonga maatten nee Illaati
Osthi tamil movie poster ,wallpaper

pondaati, adi nee dhaney, en sweety,
I love u till you are a paati,
thevayilla vappaati..

ONIDA launches new Android 3D LED TV iTube

The new Android, LED TV from Onida named iTube gives its viewers a different experience all together. This 3D TV has been designed by its makers to capture the Android driven TV segment which is yet in its nascent stages as of now. The set is internet enabled too, with it being either Wi-Fi or ethernet port that the 3D TV is able to get online.

kalasala kalasala - Osthi Lyrics

kalasala kalasala kalasala kalasala
kalaasala kalasalaa.. kalaasala kalasalaa
kallaasala kalasalaa.. kalaasala kalasalaa
kalaasala kalasalaa.. kalaasala kalasalaa
kallaasala kalasalaa.. kalaasala kalasalaa

chotta chotta nanaiya lyrics-engeyum eppothum

Sotta Sotta Nanaiya Vaithaai
Sollaamal Kothikka Vaithaai..
Yettaatha Idathil Yen Nenjai Parakka Vaithaai..
Kitta Thatta Karaiya Vaithaai..
Kittaamal Alaiya Vaithaai..
Thittaamal Thittithaan Un Kaathal Unara Vaithaai..
Rayil Varum Paalamaai Ayyo Yenthan Ithayam
Thadathatathatavena Thudikka..