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Fake web cams

while chatting if u don't have a web cam or you don't want to reveal yourself in the web cam means you can use FAKEWEBCAM to make a fake web cam of yours.

It just runs movies as a cam so that other users won't know that it's a fake cam. using fake-voice will just change your voice from male to female vice versa. Using this you can fool your friends

Open cameras
Cameras that are online always can be seen using google search. Search using inurl:view/index:shtml or nurl:viewerframe?mode=

Some Open cameras can be seen in the URL 

Useful tool
Website stripper which strips all the pages in the website into your local machine. All links and images are downloaded to your machine where you can view in offline mode to download Click here. This is GPL license software. Use it only for good purpose

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